Why Sapling

The process of designing superior Time Zone Clocks and synchronized clock systems is very demanding. It requires experts from different fields to share their experience and knowledge in order to introduce a product incorporating many attributes, such as:

Technology – Sapling Clocks integrate the most innovative technological advantages. We have registered numerous patents to give these benefits exclusively to our customers.

Quality – We do not compromise quality for cost. Our clocks are made with high quality hardware and we work with the world’s top manufacturers of processors and electronic components.

Testing Assurance – We build to order and once the product is made, we perform 100% inspections for both functionality and aesthetics. We follow a defined checklist to make sure that each and every clock and product adheres to our strict high standards.

Safety – In order to ensure customers safety, our products are designed to meet high safety standards. We have compliance certifications for our clock systems. In addition, our company is routinely audited by official inspectors to validate that strict standards are maintained.

Design – We also take great consideration for the look of our clocks and have leading designers share their vision with us. In addition, we provide customers to choose from different sizes, shapes and design styles such as specialty hands, dials, clock case finishes and much more!

Technical Support – Since we design and engineer our products in-house, we offer the highest level of technical support provided by our professional technicians and engineers. Furthermore, we can offer technical webinars to customers and dealers upon request.

Customer Care – We offer top level customer care before and, most importantly, after purchase to insure customer satisfaction. This is why we have gained customers trust in both our products and team, allowing Sapling to become a world leading provider of Synchronized Clock Systems!

Sapling clocks can be found in facilities all over the world, from the United States to Australia and everywhere in between. For more information about Sapling Clocks, please contact us.




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