System Options

As standard, the Sapling Time Zone Clock is offered as an IP-based system. However, if the Zone Clock will be integrated into an existing Sapling Synchronized Clock System, it can also be offered in wireless and wired options.

The IP-based Time Zone Clock is PoE powered via a PoE switch or PoE injectors using a standard network cable (CAT 5/6). The clocks (zones) may receive the accurate time from an in-house NTP server (accurate time server) or from a third party NTP servers. The Sapling Time Zone Clock come pre-programmed with the IP addresses of ten third-party NTP servers from around the world. These third party NTP Servers will allow the time zone clock(s) to receive the accurate time data over the internet free of charge. The reason that the Sapling IP based clocks (zones) are designed with the option of storing up to 10 NTP server address to ensure redundancy in the event that connection with the first NTP server is lost. The IP Clock will automatically attempt to connect to the next stored NTP server address until communication is established.

Each clock (zone) is equipped with a built-in web interface that is accessible from any computer connected to same LAN, allowing for easy configuration. In addition, the IP-based Time Zone Clock comes with the Sapling IP Monitoring Software, allowing you to supervise and control all of the clocks from one simple interface.

Built in self-diagnostics capabilities and email alerts for:

  • NTP Timeouts Synchronization
  • Power reset
  • Hand or display error

The Sapling Time Zone Clock is also offered as part of a Sapling Wireless Clock System or as part of a Sapling 2-Wire Clock System. Please contact us for more information about these options.





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